Project and Career Planning

Target group:

PhD students in their third year

Learning objectives:

  • To plan the final stage of the PhD project
  • To learn methods to keep motivation up and procrastination down
  • To implement Business Model You® to envision the next career step


In this training, PhD students will learn methods to plan the final stage of their research project. These emphasize keeping motivation up, focussing on the right priorities, and avoiding procrastination.

They will learn to use the Business Model You® approach. This model helps each person to clarify their interests, skills, own values, and abilities. They then can assess their value to potential customers and employers. With this model in hand, they can plan their next career steps.

At the end of the training they will have a detailed working plan for achieving the last milestones in their PhD project, and a clearer vision of the next career steps.


Teaching input, individual work, group work, visualisation, change of perspective, peer feedback


1,5 days



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