When I finished my PhD in Chemistry some 20 years ago, I was frustrated, demotivated, and almost burned out. I felt like an imposter in the scientific community. Even top grades and a publication at that early age could not persuade me that I was a real scientist. So I left science and turned to something akin to chemistry: cooking!

Beginning a catering business was the start of an interesting professional journey.

Over the years, I have collected professional experiences in radically different work places and team situations. In hindsight, I know what could have helped me claim my title as a scientist. A mix of encouragement from my supervisor, a better understanding of science management, and a dash of self-awareness would have changed my prospects drastically. Instead of landing in uncertainty, I could have finished my PhD with a big smile and positive scientific career options!

As ScienceCoach, I offer carefully designed and engaging trainings for PhD students, drawing on the lessons I would have loved to have learned earlier.

I mix methods of project and time management with facilitation tools which encourage deep reflection and playful peer exchange. My goal is to help the students not only to survive in the scientific community, but to thrive!

PhD students are part of a research team. Their professional development and the progress of the team itself are dependent on the team’s leadership. I offer management and leadership trainings to supervisors, designed to promote confident leadership and a healthy work environment for the entire team. Great teamwork insures high performance.

The scientific life is complex—challenging, rewarding, and sometimes quite frustrating. To unravel the frustration, I provide tailored coaching solutions: team coaching, career consultancy, and personal coaching to assist the scientific team on all levels.

In short: my purpose is to help young scientists to increase their professional satisfaction and to reduce frustration and stress, giving them skills to become the best scientists they can be!